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Network Solutions

IP Camera Solutions

IP cameras are cameras that convert images to digital information and enable authorized users to access them over the local network or internet with the help of the network environment they are connected to. They act just like a web server with the software on them. They are equipped with many features such as programmability, image storage, alarm management, motion detection. IP cameras do not need to be connected to any computer. It is sufficient to be connected to a router, switch or hub in the network.


IP Telephone and Teleconferencing Solutions

Cisco collaboration solutions are the communication solution that allows you to hold meetings anywhere, with any device, at any time.

It transforms business interaction into real-time audio and video communication. It enables the establishment of faster dynamic teams without being tied to locations, and thus better and faster decisions are taken, instant access to company experts increases customer feedback, and traditional corporate barriers are overcome at the end of secure connection, communication and collaboration.


Wired Network Solutions

It calculates all kinds of factors that will negatively affect wired solutions in indoor and outdoor environment. It should be configured with correct, appropriate hardware solutions for the expansion, bandwidth and stable operation of your structured cabling network in short and long terms.


Wireless Network Solutions

With the wireless network setup service, we save you from unnecessary cabling in your office. We provide discovery, design, project design and application support for the creation of high performance wireless networks in your internal or external campus areas.

System Monitoring Solutions

Ensuring system security can be fully ensured not only by external threats, but also by controlling the use within the system.



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