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- To embrace a development-oriented corporate culture in which the employees feel happy and privileged, and their business partnerships with their admired brands are permanent.

Kate and the valuable cooperation with the creators of Turkey's most innovative companies to be innovative.

-Fundamentally, focusing on respect and love for people, and with the awareness of our environmental and social responsibilities, to be able to live the power of Despro in our field at all times.



As Despro employees, we believe in the power of achieving success by working disciplined. We find it in the power of Despro values.


Our Company's Responsibilities Towards Employees

We believe that our most important strength is our employees.

We aim to create a working environment that will enable all our employees to reach their full potential and contribute to the success of the Company.

In this context;

-Respecting human rights,

To act in accordance with the principles of equality at work,

- Not to favor or harass, wear and tear anyone within the company,

- Not to approach anyone negatively and to act discriminately due to race, ethnic origin, skin color, nationality, gender, religion or beliefs, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation or other individual characteristics protected by laws,

- Seeking the qualification of suitability for work as the only measure in recruitment and employment, ensuring equality of opportunity without making any discrimination,

- To provide equal opportunities and opportunities for the training, guidance and development of employees,

- Rewarding success with fair and competitive wage policies and practices,

- Increasing the loyalty of the employees to the Company by providing equal opportunity in appointment, promotion, rotation and rewards,

-To provide clean, healthy and safe working conditions to employees,

-Supporting and conducting activities that help raise awareness and sensitivity on workplace safety and employee health under the leadership of company managers,

- Creating and maintaining a working environment that encourages transparency and mutual respect, where cooperation and solidarity are the most important elements,

-To evaluate and respond to the opinions and suggestions of the employees and to organize activities that increase motivation,

- Not to share private information about employees with third parties without the employee's consent and knowledge, except for legal obligations,

It constitutes the basic principles of the company's relations with employees.


Business Partners, Dealer and Supplier Relations

- To select the business partners, dealers and suppliers to be worked with meticulously and carefully, to ensure that they are not engaged in unethical or illegal actions, to inform the Company immediately in case of any contrary situation,

-Deciding by objective criteria in the selection of business partners, dealers and suppliers,

- To conduct our relations with our business partners, dealers and suppliers in an honest and fair manner, to be transparent and impartial during the selection process.

-Believing that the goods and services offered by our business partners and suppliers directly affect the quality of the goods and services produced by the Company, to select suppliers and business partners among institutions working at the desired quality and standards.

- To carefully protect the confidential information of business partners and suppliers. Not working with business partners and suppliers that violate the law and do not act in accordance with business ethics.

- Not allowing the company and its employees to accept gifts that will adversely affect their ability to make objective decisions in the business partner and supplier determination process.


Competitor and Competition Relations

- Except for the limits permitted by the legislation, not to make agreements with competitors or other persons or organizations with the aim of preventing, distorting or restricting competition directly or indirectly, or not to make agreements and compliant behaviors that cause or may cause this effect.

-To comply with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Competition and the relevant legislation.

-To comply with the Competition Board regulations in initiatives and activities aimed at increasing the value of the company.

Dominates a particular market alone or together with other undertakings

not to abuse this dominant position,

- Not to negotiate and exchange information with competitors to determine the market and / or competition conditions together. Associations, councils, chambers, professional associations, etc. attended to represent the company. avoiding all kinds of negotiations and transactions that may lead to the above-mentioned situations or that may be described as such during meetings and other private or professional meetings and meetings.

Failure to comply with unfair competition legislation has serious consequences. These may have wide and varied consequences such as monetary compensation and penalties, prison sentences, and legal responsibilities. The Company's Human Resources Department should always be consulted with any doubts or concerns regarding legal issues related to transaction implementation procedures and unfair competition issues.

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