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Infrastructure Solutions

Fiber Optic Termination

Fiber Optic connectors are designed to be connected and disconnected many times without affecting the optical performance of the fiber circuit. Optical performance can be achieved by following the correct process for terminating the fiber circuit.


Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions

Uninterruptible power supplies are called electronic devices that protect systems powered by electrical energy against both breakdowns, rises, sudden changes that may occur or may occur in the network, against voltage fluctuations and ensure the continuity of the system by generating energy during power cuts.


Structured cabling

Structural cabling, inside the building; It is an infrastructure work that is carried out to ensure the smooth transmission of energy, telephone, data, voice, security system signals, and allows these systems to be managed under a single roof and to expand the infrastructure when necessary.

With structured cabling, it is aimed that data and energy transmission, which is one of the most important needs of institutions, will be realized smoothly. Structured cabling; Internet, computer, telephone / switchboard, lighting, fire detection and notification systems, security camera systems, access control systems, public address and emergency announcement systems, smart building automation systems, etc. It is open to development and integration for systems.


System Room Setup

The system room is the unit that houses the main computer systems and related components such as communication and data storage. The main purpose of the system rooms is to ensure that data can be accessed securely and continuously, and that applications are running uninterruptedly.


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