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About Us

Despro Information Technologies Inc. provides end-to-end system integration and technology services in the fields of information technology. Founded in 2005, Despro prepares its customers for the best competitive environment with cyber security, data security, IT integration services, IT solutions, virtualization, consultancy and cloud computing solutions. In recent years, Despro, which has made a strong impression with its innovative solutions and projects, has reached a level that can compete with the leading organizations of the sector with its knowledge, experience and references in 15 years.

Despro provides all of its services with its expert team. Despro, which offers the most accurate solution to its customers in line with the information technology needs of institutions and companies, without being dependent on a single source, follows the latest technology with its strong staff, ensures system integration and works customer-oriented by keeping the price / performance ratio at the highest level.

Despro, which has continuously incorporated new technologies since its establishment, has specialized in sectoral solutions. It works long-term with the institutions and companies it serves with the mission of "Protects our present, builds your future" by specializing in the sector with solution-oriented work, not brand-oriented.

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