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Netsis Software Solutions

Netsis 3 Integrated

With Entegre.Net, our solution for medium-sized companies, you do not only benefit from the advantages of new technologies by integrating your business processes but thanks to its flexible structure and ease of use, Entegre. Net provides a practical solution for all your needs that develop in parallel with the business world.


Netsis 3 Standard

While businesses automate their processes such as sales, purchasing, logistics, production, planning, finance management, management accounting with classical enterprise resource planning applications, they also need applications that will bring them together with their customers and suppliers electronically. Netsis Standard has been developed specifically for the needs of medium-sized industrialists, with applications such as customer relationship management, supply chain management, and advanced production planning, in addition to financial and accounting applications of enterprises.


Netsis 3 Enterprise

Netsis series products which we develop the most comprehensive version of Enterprise, Turkey, and for the business institutions and branches abroad and integrates with all of these organizations and enables the module to work.




Businesses benefiting from the e-Archive application achieve speed and efficiency in their business processes. Besides, costs arising from activities such as printing, preparation, distribution and archiving of hard copy invoices are eliminated.



 Using the XBRL technology which is the international standard, the e-Ledger considerably facilitates reporting activities. Keeping records in the digital environment through e-Ledger also ensures the security of these records.


All ledger operations can be easily performed, as the e-Ledger application can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

The e-Ledger application can easily be integrated into other business software used by businesses, ERP systems and the general business processes of companies. 

Developed in compliance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, the e-Ledger is updated regularly according to the changing legislation and provides continuous compliance.



In addition to speeding up invoicing and accounting processes significantly, e-Invoice solutions also allow easy access to invoices issued and archived electronically. The e-Invoice application integrates into the system of the Revenue Administration, thanks to the integration following the standards, thus reception and transmission transactions are automated. e-Invoice solutions can also be easily integrated into other software, systems and general business processes of the business.



The e-Dispatch application can easily be integrated into other software and systems used by businesses, as well as their general business processes. The transfer of delivery notes to the digital environment via e-Dispatch ensures the security of such records.

Accessing the documents created via e-Dispatch in the digital environment with one click improves the operational efficiency of businesses.

e-Dispatch offers an eco-friendly application in addition to the cost advantages provided by the elimination of the use of paper. With the transfer of dispatches to the electronic environment, the use of paper in businesses is reduced and the cutting of trees is prevented.  



Completed and approved reconciliations can be checked on the e-Reconciliation Portal. When necessary, all past agreements can also be accessed through the portal. Thus, while saving time in the implementation of reconciliation, processes are also optimized.

The e-Reconciliation Portal, where you can log in with your username and password, allows you to check online at what stage the process is.

Thanks to detailed reporting, information on whether the outgoing reconciliation letters reach the other party can be obtained easily and instantly.need for any programs. Also, data can easily be transferred to the e-Reconciliation Portal from the ERP system.

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